This was a low-budget, Do-It-Ourselves project, constructed along with an Indian-Colombian couple -Mariette Valsan and Pablo Naranjo– residing in Medellin (Colombia), who required a radical conversion of their apartment space without any infrastructural modifications. Having different professions that needed to be taken into account (Pablo, a chef, and Mariette, a model) the project was proposed as a set of movable pieces that allow multiple transformations and occupations, negotiating a multiplicity of instances to be played with. Whilst it can serve as a cozy environment for the couple on an everyday basis, it can also eventually serve as an ad-hoc restaurant led by Pablo, or accommodate photoshoots for Mariette. The project was constructed entirely in-house with the help of their family, resulting in a self-generated and self-managed construction that avail to the direct action of the inhabitants, and therefore challenges the notions of commodification and excess that usually surround interior design projects.


We entitled this project the Do-It-Ourselves Play House since it intends to grant Mariette and Pablo (Valsan-Naranjo) complete agency over the processes entailed in the production of space, through ludic and open-ended methodologies of engagement.