The Foundation for Free Press or FLIP (Fundación Para La Libertad De Prensa) is a not-for-profit organization based in Colombia, which functions as an independent protective association that ensures the welfare of journalists and the uncensored coverage of events throughout the country. They have a special emphasis on geographical locations where the flow of information is restricted, both in terms of its access by citizens as well as its broadcast from independent press organizations; a process aggravated by decades of internal conflict.

This particular exhibition outlines years of research on rural areas of Colombia, which demonstrates not only the struggles of regular citizens to acquire and circulate information related to processes of political violence but, simultaneously, different alternatives and projects that have erupted as a response to this situation. Entitled “Information Cartographies” (Cartografías de la Información) it was an exhaustive mapping exercise of the state of the information in the Colombian territory.

Henceforward, the collaboration for this exhibition consisted of a series of modules that framed the research outcomes in a playful manner, assimilating interactive architectural elements as exhibition surfaces. In that manner, the modules were operated and manipulated in order to access different kinds of data; from rotating windows to sliding maps or transparent drawing boards, the information materialized as architecture. Additionally, the modules themselves were encouraged to be arranged in variable orders in order to structure different narrative orders, diverse forms of gathering, movements, and so on. 

An information infrastructure open to be transformed and appropriated by a multiplicity of users.