This workshop is aimed at
RAISING FUNDS for such a community in Behrampura, Ahmedabad. Given the extended lockdown period and consequent closure of schools, children in the community that have no access to e-learning platforms are starting to completely detach from their learning processes. The funds raised through this workshop will be used to pay a salary for a teacher within the community, whom -along with the help of the Centre for Development (local NGO)- will ensure that all physical distancing norms are followed while doing the same.

One of the key challenges our communities and cities are going to face is that of high density and high crowding within the public realm. While this is inherent and typical to the Indian urban fabric considering the pandemic and the need for maintaining social and physical distancing requirements, there is an need to understand and capitalize on alternate spaces available to engage in public life. We here at Chaal.Chaal.Agency believe the effective utilization of TERRACE SPACES by introducing “community” infrastructure can realize the potential of these currently inactive spaces.

The TWO DAY workshop is designed as a quick and intensive ideation and learning initiative, to explore and expand the definition of infrastructure and further on explore the opportunities on how terrace spaces can be differently utilized, specifically situated in the context of Behrampura. The format would involve input lectures from national and international experts, as well as intense discussions with the mentors.

Guest speakers

>> Swati Janu


Social Design Collaborative

Delhi, India

>> Andres Sanchez


URBZ Colombia

Bogota, Colombia

>> Mariana Paisana and Margarida Marques


Res DO Chao,

Lisbon, Protugal