We are currently facing an unprecedented global challenge; it is the first time in history in which humanity at large is simultaneously threatened despite geographical cultural or technological differences. While we struggle to overcome economic hardship we are also confronted with a tremendous ethical challenge: how to work towards the preservation of life above all else?

This course engages with this fundamental question through the potentials of architectural and urban design. We call ‘Pandemic Micro-Urbanism’ a call for action and reflection for radical improvement of current circumstances specially for those most vulnerable to the perils of COVID 19. An emergency design-research agenda aimed at crafting alternatives in the current built environment through two methods: low-cost responsive devices capable of addressing infrastructural needs with minimal resources (DIY ambulances food transport units homeless micro-housing protective suits decontamination stations movable ICU’s etc.) as well as post-pandemic small-scaled neighborhood design strategies (re imagining streets amenities essential services public spaces housing densities digital infrastructure etc.). These will be developed through the construction of either 3D visualizations and plans or diagrams and mappings in the case of a tactical-strategic approach.

For this students and young professionals will manufacture specific design briefs in tandem with lectures on the topics (from infrastructure and planning to public health) in order to swiftly produce proposals through a collaborative approach. Therefore participants and mentors will constantly exchange and develop ideas remotely through different virtual platforms with the target of constructing an online catalogue of ideas that could eventually be implemented in the current Indian context.

Guest speakers

>> Dr. A srivathsan

Architectural scholar

Executive Director of Center for Research on Architecture and Urbanism 

CEPT Univeristy, Ahmedabad, India

>> Vidhya Mohankumar

Architect and urban designer

founder Urban Design Collective (UDC)

>> Melissa Smith


founding partner of banduksmithstudio

Program Chair for the Bachelor of Urban Design program

CEPT Univeristy, Ahmedabad, India

>> Dr. Rutul Joshi

Architect and urban planner

Associate Professor and the Head of Doctoral Office 

CEPT Univeristy, Ahmedabad, India