CCA started as a manner to test ideas of the built environment in a practical manner, that were otherwise difficult to find anywhere else. The ideas that matured from those early experiments in Ahmedabad, began to permeate our academic engagements which would —in turn— produce an interesting expansion of our collaboration network and a consolidation of very specific design-research venues. Although a great deal of our work has been centered around competitions (as platforms for testing opportunities), we have self-initiated several projects and experiments  




After completing her undergraduate studies from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, she carried out her post-graduate studies at CEPT University, where she received a Master of Architecture within the Architectural Design specialization. Her interest in pursuing design-research has led her to not only gain experience through practical engagement at various offices, but also diverse academic endeavors. Her area of research lies not only within the potentials of Indian urbanity but in innovative visualization methods to bring them forth, which feeds into her position as a studio professor in the faculties of Planning and Technology at CEPT University.



Architect graduated from the National University of Colombia and the Masters of Architecture of CEPT University (Ahmedabad, India) within the specialization of History, Theory and Criticism. In addition to being a studio professor at both universities (as well as in Isthmus, in Panama) he has been invited to institutions such as Central Saint Martins in London, Bauhaus Universitaet in Weimar and the Politecnico de Milan as lecturer and juror. Aside from having ample design and construction experience both in the Colombian and Indian contexts, his academic work has been published by outlets like Dearq or the Scientific Journal of Architecture Image Studies.